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Ergonomic Tip of the Week # 11 November 12 2013

Tip# 11 If you need to move an item or a load, remember that pushing and pulling causes less strain on your back than lifting and lowering. Furthermore, pushing is easier and safer than pulling. If possible, try converting lifting and lowering activities to pushing.  

Check us out on Yelp! November 08 2013

Cool Futuristic Offices November 08 2013

9 Unhealthy Work Habits and How to Change Them November 08 2013

Why Open Office Layouts are Terrible November 08 2013    

UCLA Ergonomics page November 05 2013   4 Steps to set up your workstation.  The UCLA Ergo main page is also worth checking out!

Ergonomic Tip of the Week #10 November 05 2013

Ergonomic Tip of the Week Tip# 10 Do you stand for long periods of time?Try mastering these tips to reduce fatigue and prevent discomfort from prolonged standing1. Stagger your stance; place one foot slightly in front of the other2. Bend your knees slightly3. Shift your weight; change positions frequently4. Whenever possible, got a foot up. Rest one foot on a footstool or something stable to reduce strain on your lower back....

Ergonomic Tip of the Week # 9 November 01 2013

Tip# 9 Did you know?Smoking reduces the oxygen in your blood and can significantly increase your risk of soft tissue sprains and strains.  

What to do About Desk Clutter? Make some money! October 24 2013

Something very helpful to keep in mind!

Ergonomic Tip of the Week #8 October 24 2013

Ergonomic Tip of the WeekTip #8 How is your desk organized?Keep frequently used items close by. They should be easily reached with a sweep of the arm.  

Animation on how to give yourself good posture October 18 2013 Very helpful indeed

Ergonomics in schools October 15 2013

Could it be the next big thing?  Read more to find out!
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