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Ergonomic Tip of the Week #17 January 31 2014

Ergonomic Tip of the Week #17Use the 20/20/20 rule to prevent eye strainWhen using the computer, take a break every 20 minutes and look at an object 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds. This will help alleviate eye strain when using the computer for long periods.If you have RSI Guard on your computer, use the forget-me-not reminders to keep you on schedule with this helpful tip  

Ergonomic Tip of the Week #16 January 14 2014

Ergonomic Tip of the Week #16Do you find yourself “cradling” the phone between your ear and shoulder?This causes strain on your neck and can lead to discomfort. Try using the speakerphone option. You can also consider a phone rest (adheres to the back of the receiver) or a headset.

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Ergonomic Tip of the Week #14 December 09 2013

Ergonomic Tip of the WeekTip# 14 Ensure that you have sufficient Lumbar Support when sitting in your chair. Be sure that you sit against the seat back which provides support to your lumbar spine. If your chair has seat back adjust-ability, take a moment to make adjustments to maximize comfort. If you feel you need some additional lumbar support, consider a lumbar cushion.  

Ergonomic Tip of the Week #13 November 27 2013

Do your wrists rest on a hard surface or sharp edge? This contact pressure can lead to discomfort in the wrists. Consider using a wrist rest pad for your keyboard and mouse. Not only do they reduce your contact pressure but can also improve your wrist posture.      

Ergonomic Tip of the Week #12 November 20 2013

Ergonomic Tip of the WeekTip# 12 Is reading a pain in your neck?People who frequently read books and papers that are lying flat on the desk often develop neck soreness. Try using a Copy Holder to position your reading material at a better angle. This allows you to keep your neck in a neutral posture.  

Ergonomic Tip of the Week # 11 November 12 2013

Tip# 11 If you need to move an item or a load, remember that pushing and pulling causes less strain on your back than lifting and lowering. Furthermore, pushing is easier and safer than pulling. If possible, try converting lifting and lowering activities to pushing.  

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Ergonomic Tip of the Week #10 November 05 2013

Ergonomic Tip of the Week Tip# 10 Do you stand for long periods of time?Try mastering these tips to reduce fatigue and prevent discomfort from prolonged standing1. Stagger your stance; place one foot slightly in front of the other2. Bend your knees slightly3. Shift your weight; change positions frequently4. Whenever possible, got a foot up. Rest one foot on a footstool or something stable to reduce strain on your lower back....
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