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Creative Supports, Inc. offers ergonomic seating, keyboards, computer peripherals and other accessories, all designed to maximize your comfort and keep you safe in the workplace.  Our sales team is always willing to work hard to make sure your workplace is as efficient and safe as possible. We are open from 9-5 Monday - Friday.

—We were founded in 1993 in the Bay Area, have over 500 satisfied customers, and over 1000 products offered 

This website provides an overview of frequently ordered products, but in this industry change is constant and manufacturers typically offer many more options than available here. Use this website as a resource, but also, please call or email our office about special orders, new products and quantity discounts.

 5729 Sonoma Dr. Suite K

Office #: 925-201-3939

Fax #: 925-605-0312

Stephen Wolf, Vice President: 925-785-3205

Kenneth Milliken, Regional Sales Manager: 925-785-3206

Email: or


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